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CNSTNTMOTION are giving away Durkl lids with orders over $100. Get some.

1 Year On…

Nearly 1 year since we did our first T-shirt run, it’s been a crazy year, learned
lessons (the hard way) and had loads of fun working with some deadset legends.
Everyones support has been fucking amazing!
So basically to show some appreciation to everyone who has supported us along
the way, from people who have helped promote and customers, down to people who
have just followed the blog or even ‘liked’ our thing on facebook – we’re doing
20% off absolutely everything in our online store for the month of July.
Just use the discount code – JULY when purchasing.
This includes a few little goodies that have just been added which I’m yet to
promote fully. So get in there and check them out at least -
Thanks again all, really looking forward to another year pushing things forward.

Badguys Beanie

We’ve just dropped a few little goodies for winter (Australian winter that is).
One of these being a beanie featuring a design from young Melbourne Tattooer
Fergus Simms’ flash collection. Fergus is fast becoming a force to be reckoned
with in the Australian tattoo world, check out his blog over here and go and get
tattooed by him at Monkey Magik Tattoo in Frankston. It’s well worth the train ride.

$30 in our Online Store. Slap one on your noodle, you won’t regret it.

Stussy X John K.

Psyched on this colab, I lived for Ren & Stimpy in my formative years. Definitely
one of the funniest, zaniest and best animated cartoons ever made.
Great promo vid too! Get some here.