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Working Through Winter

“This is a brief video I recently made of a day in my life whilst I live in
Helsinki Finland. Divided into three sub sections.. Going to work, At work,
After work. I just began documenting the snow blizzard on my Canon IS120s
(poor quality video) one morning and it turned into this little project as
I continued filming things over the rest of the day.
This was one of the first days of Winter, the snow now sits around waist height
after a month of winter. Apparently we have had most snowfall for December in
Southern Finland in 50 years.” Nate Gamble


Fucking love this city and the good people that come from there. Classy lot are the Danes.

Ricky Luder

Ricky Luder – Licensed Tattoo Artist from Ben Ashley on Vimeo.

Done With Elecricity presents: Ricky Luder – Licensed tattoo.
Legend of West Australian tattooing and tattooing in general.

Last minutes with ODEN

Get the tissues out. Dogs <3.

Lo Lo

Pompous weirdos talking on Lo. If you can get past the presenter there’s some good
bits and wild Lo collectors and pieces to be seen.

Tattoo Age: Season 2

Cool little short promoting the second season of Vice’s Tattoo Age, which began airing a
month or so ago. This season features the UK’s Valerie Vargas and Japanese tattooer Mutsuo.

Julius: The Nasty

This video is sure to be legendary, help some good people make it happen!

How to…

The Killing Season

Directed, Filmed & Edited by Patrik Wallner

Featuring Jerry Hsu, Keegan Sauder, Joey Pepper, Javier Mendizibal,
Michael “Michi” Mackrodt, and Skateboarder Magazine Senior Photographer
Jonathan Mehring. Great watch.


Self defense classes

“Cop that ya maggot…”

Coach of the year

Weak men pay this dude to tell them how big a pussy they are. King coach.
Via Ignored Prayers.

Palestine: The Wall

Palestine: The Wall from Ali Rae on Vimeo.

Artwork on the separation wall between Palestine and Israel.
Shots taken from Bethlehem, Palestine.

Brilliantly shot by documentary filmmaker Ali Rae.