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Aeon in London

Go son!

Berlin Kidz

Das crazy.

Sleepless in Seoul



Shot by Will Robson-Scott during their stint in NYC for the Klughaus Exhibition.


Score & Moar

Score & Moar in Rio de Janeiro | 2013 from MontanaCans on Vimeo.

Skary & Gent48 – MTN Aussie

Lil’ video we helped make happen.



Resistance is an Australian hardcover publication compiled of images that document
the methods and practices of graffiti culture, not focussing solely on the art itself.
This book delves into the endeavours that typically can only be experienced, taking
you personally through the adventure. Both the documented images in this book and in
this short clip are taken from a singular Australian photographer. This clip shows
insight into the contents of the book and the lifestyle led.

MTN 5 Minutes – Sydney


Dmote in Melbourne



Does Melbourne

Check him in Sydney this week!

What it is…

Fakso for VNA



Beautiful tribute by Vizie for L.R.G. Nekst passing a few months back sent shock-waves
through the graffiti community worldwide, and definitely hit hard down here in Australia,
with a good amount of his crew mates being Australian. I learned of the news while I was
abroad and it was hard for me to believe at first. Nekst has been a mainstay in American
and World graffiti for as long as I can remember, and is one of the few writers that could
ever claim to not only be all city but all country in the United States. He was a huge
inspiration to me, I remember when I was first starting out over a decade ago he travelled
to Australia and alongside the demons in the DTS crew completely destroyed Brisbane like
never before. In fact he still has pieces running up and down the East Coast of Australia.
He really made me sit up and take notice. Anyways, I won’t rabbit on any further.


GENT – 6 March, Vic Bar

Kaput in Chile

Wacky Tupaky in Chile, classy little video, over a year old now…
but if you missed when it first dropped feast your eyes!

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