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Skary & Gent48 – MTN Aussie

Lil’ video we helped make happen.


Get their new record.

We Jam Econo

Great doco on the Minutemen, one of the greatest and most unique bands to
come out of the Californian Hardcore/Punk Rock scene in the early 80′s.
I should have shared this earlier, if you’re even remotely interested in
rock and roll music you should definitely give this a look.
Inspirational stuff. R.I.P D Boon.

The Broderick

Saw these guys for the first time last week. Great show, nice heavy gloomy hardcore.
Felt so right in the middle of winter on a thursday night in Melbourne.
Their record ‘Free to rot, free of sin’ is a great addition to anyones collection.

More here.


Saw these guys for the first time on the weekend. I shit.


Track off the forthcoming 7 inch, S.O.S. Out July 23 on Broken Hive Records.
If you’re in Sydney next thursday these dudes are playing “Hot Damn”, worth
getting involved for sure.


Resist and Trial & Error’s ‘Hardcore‘ event is back after taking a break in 2011.
Taking place over July 7th and 8th at The Hi-Fi in Sydney, the line-up is bullshit good,
Terror and Ceremony supported by Australia’s best. You can guarantee Mindsnare will
tear the place to shreds. I’m also looking forward to a double dose of Break Even,
not to mention the rest of the Aussie bands that are all equally unmissable.
Get there. I’m flying up from Melbourne, so if I can drag my bed sore riddled arse
up to Sydney for the weekend all you other inter-staters have no excuse.