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Flood Plain

Another nice Boomgates track with a rad little video put together by Nathan Ceddia. Tops.


Powers of ten out now, gawn get it.

2 minutes to midnight 8bit

I’m obsessed with 8bit music at the moment and this 8bit Maiden cover is spot on.


Resist and Trial & Error’s ‘Hardcore‘ event is back after taking a break in 2011.
Taking place over July 7th and 8th at The Hi-Fi in Sydney, the line-up is bullshit good,
Terror and Ceremony supported by Australia’s best. You can guarantee Mindsnare will
tear the place to shreds. I’m also looking forward to a double dose of Break Even,
not to mention the rest of the Aussie bands that are all equally unmissable.
Get there. I’m flying up from Melbourne, so if I can drag my bed sore riddled arse
up to Sydney for the weekend all you other inter-staters have no excuse.


Childhood hero.

This Will Destroy You

I first laid ears on this band at the tattoo shop while getting tattooed on a
Sunday morning with a Dirt McNasty hangover. They definitely softened the
blow of getting stuck with needles while my brain was feeling like a turd omelette.
They make breath-taking atmospheric instrumental music featuring layers of
guitar-laden effects. I guarantee listening to this band periodically will improve
your quality of life. I don’t care if you’re church burning black metal superfan or a
G-funk 90′s hip-hopper, this music WILL make your life better.
(This is not a guarantee)