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Resistance is an Australian hardcover publication compiled of images that document
the methods and practices of graffiti culture, not focussing solely on the art itself.
This book delves into the endeavours that typically can only be experienced, taking
you personally through the adventure. Both the documented images in this book and in
this short clip are taken from a singular Australian photographer. This clip shows
insight into the contents of the book and the lifestyle led.

Fakso for VNA

Tom Gould X Nike AF1

Nike collaborates with New Zealand photographer Tom Gould for the Air Force 1 30th
Anniversary. Watch as Gould takes us on his own journey through the New Zealand scene,
walking us through his roots in graffiti art and Hip Hop culture through to his own
personal connection with the Air Force 1 sneaker. Beautifully shot and with an inspiring
story to match, watch this to catch a glimpse of his life behind the lens.


“Do you have T.P. for my bunghole? I would hate for my holio to get polio.”
After much debate I finally succumb and joined the realm of Instagram. Follow me -
@readitandweep for selfies, nudes and arty shots of rainbows.


I missed the boat on the whole Instagram deal. Now I can’t really be fucked,
maybe I will get with the times when I get a new phone someday. However, of
course my savvy girlfriend is all up ons. You can check her out by searching –
Caravans_of_terror. Her hobbies include setting up perverse scenes in the Barbie
fun house and bathroom graffiti.

Don’t Sleep

My dude Chico always with the tasty photogs. He is currently stateside doing his thing.
Check out his blog over here – DONTSLEEP.