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Chad Koeplinger

Great interview in the series by Last Sparrow.

Ricky Luder

Ricky Luder – Licensed Tattoo Artist from Ben Ashley on Vimeo.

Done With Elecricity presents: Ricky Luder – Licensed tattoo.
Legend of West Australian tattooing and tattooing in general.

Tattoo Age: Season 2

Cool little short promoting the second season of Vice’s Tattoo Age, which began airing a
month or so ago. This season features the UK’s Valerie Vargas and Japanese tattooer Mutsuo.

Steve Cross

Mr.Korpus. Another winner.

Tattoo Nation

Cartoon’s quote at the end is priceless. As far as the name goes, by the looks of the
trailer it should be called ‘Tattoo California’ not ‘Tattoo Nation’.

New Era Tattooist Series Pt.2

Caleb was a great choice for the second artist in this series, he runs a truly unique
style and you can tell he definitely pushes himself in all aspects of his art. Looking
forward to seeing who else is on the roster.


Really exited about his forthcoming book. If Done With Electricity is anything to
go by it will knock your socks off.