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Fellow kids, I’m attempting a return to the blogosphere after completely losing interest…
(blame instagram) So I’ll try and chuck worthy material up on here with a little more
regularity…no promises though…never promises.

R.I.P Lewis Marnell

This is pretty old news now, but on January 18th the world lost a true legend of a
bloke and skateboarder. Here’s and old part, rest in power Lewis.


This weekend, we’re doing a table, clearing some of last years shit out on
the cheap to get ready for this summers little dropsy.
Get down and check it out. Rad sneaks, clothes, and people.

Game of thrones 8bit

I’m fucking hooked on this show, it’s seriously like crack to me. This 8bit RPG spoof
is sooo on the money it’s ridiculous. Sooo goood.

Corridor Clothing

We’re selling our Tee’s @ Corridor Clothing in Fitzroy for a limited time.
If you’re in the hood, get down and check them out…
Ground Floor, 322 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Victoria 3065.
Corridor Facebook.

Nigel or “Nigel no friends” – a loner; someone with no or hardly any friends.
Common usage in primary and high school as an insult behind the subject’s back.
Also used in a joking fashion between friends when one happens to be by themselves.
Eg. “He’s such a Nigel”

Via TheModernClassics.


Australia’s premier contemporary creative culture event CARBON is back
for round 2 this weekend @ Fed Square. Info here.

Kitten Mittons

Rats on Cocaine

These rats remind me of a couple I used to know…


True aye?

Fuck Dat Shit II

FUCK DAT SHIT 3D from Zonk Vision on Vimeo.

Anchorman 2

“…I’m Ron Burgundy?”

Behind Bars

Classic video, the animation is sooo great.


You know you’ve arrived when you get interviewed by Nard dawg. Recent interviews
from SXSW with ASAP Rocky and Bronsonelli. Enjoy at your leisure.

Take Acid…

…and teleport.

World Piecebook Pt.1

Now Reebok is getting behind this classic.


This wall = Unfuckingbelievable.


Well Wisher Preview #2 from Zonk Vision on Vimeo.

Soon! Don’t miss.

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